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Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make A Difference

  1. Outlive Your Life – You were made to make a difference – Max Lucado
  2. Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference
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The latter is especially brought home through interviewing Jeremie, who was homeless as a child, was given a HfH house, and now serves a team leader for the organization. Lucado highlights how Jesus, in the only time we see him preaching a specific passage from the synagogue, focuses on injustice and poverty.

Outlive Your Life – You were made to make a difference – Max Lucado

And, in what deserves a longer discussion, Lucado brings us the Old Testament concept of Jubilee, a twice a century resetting of all debts and social systems to keep economic inequality from becoming too extreme. He is clear that the problem of poverty needs to engage everyone in the church, even if we are not affected by it. We should partner with smart people and get mad about the lack of justice that causes poverty. Jenna Lucado asks us to take a look at our privilege and see if that has kept us from helping the poor.

They had been there for only a few weeks, intending to be teachers, but the earthquake soon threw them into missionary and disaster relief work. The opening vignette is about a superhero who only saves people sometimes. The theme of this session is the walls that separate us. Walls of race, culture, language, or socio-economic status. This session is about removing prejudices and seeing others as God sees them. The first story is about a state school where all students are convicted criminals. Think of it. Every team they play is an away game and every high school student there knows the other team is literally entirely comprised of juvenile felons.

Then one school gets an idea. The cheerleaders line up at the locker room exit with a banner, letting them run through it. The crowd cheers. The video has interviews with some of the players talking about how, for the first time, they felt cared for and valued. The video transitions to Max Lucado talking about the walls that separated the Samaritans and Jews: gender, social class, ethnicity. This was the big problem within the early church and they dealt with it.

The final example is Zach and his initiative that gathered loose change to free people from slavery and human trafficking. The point? He encourages teens to give in secret, to not expect any credit, and to not fake spirituality.

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Sponsor a Compassion child. Volunteer at a nursing home or the Special Olympics. He saw something in Peter worth developing, in the adulterous woman worth forgiving, and in John worth harnessing. He saw something in the thief on the cross, and what he saw was worth saving … [emphasis mine].

I nearly did a spit-take when I read this. This is the exact opposite of the gospel! Jesus did not believe in people, because He knew their hearts John How we understand the gospel affects everything else in our lives. And if we get the gospel wrong, everything else will be, too. Email address: First Name: Last Name:.

Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference

How often do you want to receive emails? Daily sent every morning Weekly sent every Friday morning Special updates only a few times a year. Your analysis reminds me of the kind of confused rhetoric being preached in some of our Australian Baptist churches; liberal, feel-good unbiblical nonsense! I have yet to experience anyone who raises social justice to a first-principle doctrine that truly understands the gospel.

If Lucado is serious about wanting to make a difference, he needs to introduce people to the Saviour.

Agreed, Don. I certainly feel John Piper has the balance. No doubt he is a very impressive young man and his humility leaves most of us feeling embarrassed with our own pride — but the jury is still out on him for me. Agreed entirely. Thank you Aaron for being willing to stand for The Gospel. We do indeed need to read with a discerning eye and heart. Lives are at stake. Preach it, and do it. Aaron — good review. This concern of yours is characteristic of Lucado. Both are harmful. What good is it for a person to be physically comfortable when their soul is going to Hell?

I think there could've been more emphasis on evangelizing. After all, a person's greatest need is forgiveness of their sin. I enjoyed his retelling of biblical accounts, especially that of Ananias and Sapphira.

Editor's Picks

I like Lucado's mix of humor, personal accounts, and biblical accounts. The narrator, Dan Butler, had a soothing and pleasant voice, but he was a little bit too slow for me. Even when listening to the audiobook sped up, it was as if he were narrating at a normal pace. I've heard a lot about Max Lucado, but I personally haven't read any of his books. Overall, I was encouraged and reminded about what it means to be a Christian. This review was written as part of the christianaudio Reviewers Program. He draws from stories throughout scripture and poses questions of what we can do to influence others and be a missionary wherever we are.

Max Lucado is very down to earth in his writing approach and easy to understand. Every chapter ends with a prayer based on the focus of that chapter. I listened to the audio version of this book and found the narrator to had a strong, almost pastoral voice that really gets the point across. Outlive your life is aimed for Christians who want to do more in life for God, who are wondering what does it take to be Christians. Most of the parts of the book focus towards loving the needy ones, which most Christians lack of. We study and study about the Word of God yet we forget the basic foundation of all, love.

Have we noticed the poor on our streets? Are we doing something about it? Or, who is your Saul in life? But nevertheless, it helps to imagine the intensity of the atmosphere and the emotions which we rarely thought of when we read a story in the Bible. In the beginning of the chapters, Max emphasizes on how important it is as a church to reach out to the needy and to the society. The last parts of the book are geared more towards individual Christians.

Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado | Koorong

Max encouraged and made us realize what we have not done in our lives for Jesus. Have we been ignoring that poor beggar on the same street that we pass by everyday? The book was narrated really well by Dan Butler. He never sounds flat and it feels as if he wrote the book himself or at least understands the emotions that Max had when he wrote Outlive your life.

Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado - Trailer

This audio book is read by Daniel Butler. Butler does a great job as a storyteller, performing excellently for the beginning and other parts of this audio book. He provides just the right voice for Lucado's book, using his clear intonations and speech to carry the story in such a fashion that the reader can enjoy being carried along in the teller's journey. Butler, however, does not provide a clear difference between characters, which requires the listener to pay attention to the reading, to be sure to keep on track.

As far as non-story portions of the text, Butler does an amazing job narrating the book.

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I had the privilege of listening to the audio version of a book called Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado. It was provided through the reviewer's program at christianaudio. I had previously read this book and posted my review here. When I saw the audio version available, I knew I'd enjoy hearing it because I had enjoyed reading it so much. It was one I wanted to read again anyway and I figured I could learn something new by hearing it. This book focuses on how we should be living our Christian lives It is based on the book of Acts.