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Dunnum, J. Family Caviidae G. Phylogeny, evolution, and systematics of the Galea musteloides complex Rodentia: Caviidae. Durette-Dusset, M. Molostrongylus mbopi n.

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Revue Suisse de Zoologie Dutra, R. Casali, R. Missagia, G. Gasparini, F. Perini, and M. Eger, J. Family Molossidae. Emmons, L. Patton, and Y. Subfamily Dactylomyinae Tate, The climate of Paraguay. Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Americas. Miami, U. Revista Nordestina de Biologia Frutos, S. Genetic diversity and gene flow in nine-banded armadillos in Paraguay. Gamarra de Fox, I. Garbino, G.

Natalus macrourus Gervais, Chiroptera: Natalidae is a senior synonym of Natalus espiritosantensis Ruschi, Gardner, A. Mammals of South America Volume 1: Marsupials, xenarthans, shrews and bats. Order Pilosa Flower, Genus Caluromys J. Allen, Tribe Stenodermatini P. Gervais, Tribe Sturnirini.

Paraguay: Ecological Essays

Family Noctilionidae Gray Handley Jr. Genus Lasiurus Gray Metachirus Burmeister, Gibb, G. Condamine, M. Kuch, J. Enk, N. Moraes-Barros, M. Superina, H. Poinar, and F. Molecular Biology and Evolution Giordano, A. Noteworthy record of a black howler monkey Alouatta caraya from the central dry Chaco of Paraguay. Mujica, F. Jaguar Panthera onca records from the south central Paraguayan Chaco: Implications for transboundary surveys at the southern range edge. Cat News Gompper, M. Nasua nasua.

Teta , and C. Bonvicino C. Genus Holochilus Brandt, Rodents Patton, J. University of Chicago Press.

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Kandel, S. Levis, G. Salazar-Bravo , and C. Canadian Journal of Zoology Goodin, D. Koch, R. Owen , Y. Chu, J. Hutchinson, andC. Land cover associated with hantavirus presence in Paraguay. Global Ecology and Biogeography Paige, R. Owen , K. Ghimire, D. Koch , Y. Chu, and C. Microhabitat characteristics of Akodon montensis, a vector for hantavirus, and hantaviral seroprevalence in an Atlantic Forest site in Eastern Paraguay. Journal of Vector Ecology Gorham, J. Paraguay: Ecological Essays. Gorresen, P. Landscape responses of bats to habitat fragmentation in Atlantic forest of Paraguay.

Willig , and R. Multivariate analysis of scale-dependent associations between bats and landscape structure. Ecological Applications Graciolli, G. Dick, and D. A faunal survey of Nycteribiid flies Diptera: Nycteridiidae associated with bats of Paraguay. Griffiths, T. Groves, C. Order Primates. Wilson, D. Reeder eds. Johns Hopkins University Press. Ungulate Taxonomy. The John Hopkins University Press. Grubb, P. Handen C. Unger, and D. Current status of the Tagua Catagonus wagneri in Paraguay. Zoologishe Garten Handen, C.

Giant chacoan peccary: Feeding and social behavior of a captive group in natural habitat. Zoo Biology Hayes, F. Status, distribution, and biogeography of the birds of Paraguay. Monographs in Field Ornithology Heddergott, M. Spixiana Hershkovitz, P. The nomenclature of South American peccaries. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington Hill, K.

Bennett, eds. Columbia University Press. New York, U. McMillan, and R. Padwe , C. Bejyvagi, A. Bepurangi, F. Jakugi, R. Tykuarangi, and T. Hoyos, M. Bloor, T. Defler, J. Vermeer, F. Rohe, andI. Phylogenetic relationships within the Callicebus cupreus species group Pitheciidae: Primates : Biogeographic and taxonomic implications. Hurtado, N. Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Mimon Gray, Mammalia , Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae with description of a new genus.

Jackson, J. Ozotoceros bezoarticus.

Paraguay: Ecological Essays - Google книги

Johnson, W. Slattery, E. Eizirik , J. Kim, M. Raymond, C. Bonacic, R. Cambre, P. Crawshaw, A. Nunes, H. Moreira, K. Seymour, F. Simon, W. Swanson, S. Disparate phylogeographic patterns of molecular genetic variation in four closely related South American small cat species. Molecular Ecology 8:SS Kwon, M. Larson, S. Taxonomic re-evaluation of the Jaguar. Ecological zoogeography of the bats of Paraguay. Journal of Biogeography Sevilla, Spain. Taxonomic status of Molossus bondae J. Allen, Chiroptera: Molossidae , with description of a new subspecies.

Myers, N. Tirira, eds. Presley , R. Owen , M. Willig , and I. Gamarra de Fox. Noteworthy records of bats Chiroptera from Paraguay. Lynch Alfaro, J. Silva, Jr. How different are robust and gracile capuchin monkeys? An argument for the use of Sapajus and Cebus. Marques-Aguiar, S.

Genus Artibeus Leach, Torres, M. Nieves , V. Zapkievich, S. Rodriguez, A. Schinini, M. Ascurra, and M. Genetic variability in two captive colonies of Cebus apellaparaguayanus Primates: Platyrrhini from eastern Paraguay. Caryologia Flores , J. Jayat, and G. Matayoshi, T.

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Chromosome studies of Cebus apella: the standard karyotype of Cebus apella paraguayanus Fischer, Mayer, J. Identity, distribution and natural history of the peccaries, Tayassuidae. Genoways, eds. Catagonus wagneri. McCulloch, E. Rapid development and screening of microsatellite loci for Artibeus lituratus and their utility for six related species within Phyllostomidae. Molecular Ecology Resources Tello, A. Whitehead, C. Maldonado-Rodriguez, and R.

Fragmentation of Atlantic Forest has not affected gene flow of a widespread seed-dispersing bat. Molecular Ecology McLellan, L. Subfamily Carolliinae Miller Meritt, D. Some observations on the maned wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus in Paraguay. Zoologica Use of apple snails Pomacea canaliculata by Chacoan peccary Catagonus wagneri. Der Zoologische Garten Moratelli, R.

Distribution and natural history of Myotis lavali Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae. Range extension of Myotis midastactus Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae to Paraguay. Biodiversity Data Journal 3:e, doi: Mudry, D. Pargament, and I. Banding Patterns of the Chromosomes of Cebus apella: Comparative studies between specimens from Paraguay and Argentina. Primates Nives, and A.

Cytogenetic and Genome Research Murray, J. Leopardus pardalis. Myers, P. Origins and affinities of the mammal fauna of Paraguay.

Genoways , eds. Taber, and I. Simonetti, eds. Neris, N. III Halffter, G. Owen, R. Smith, C. First records of two species of bats Mammalia : Chiroptera: Emballonuridae and Phyllostomidae from Paraguay. Padula P. Bellomo, S. Maidana, J. San Juan, P. Tagliaferri, S. Bargardi, C. Colucci, J. Pathogenic hantaviruses, Northeastern Argentina and Eastern Paraguay. Teta , D. Alvarado-Serrano, L. Geise, J. Jayat , P. Ortiz, P. Genus Akodon Meyen, Teta , J. Salazar-Bravo , P. Myers , and C. A new species of arboreal rat, genus Oecomys Rodentia, Cricetidae from Chaco.

Pargament, M. Banding patterns of the chromosomes of Cebus apella: Comparative studies between specimens from Paraguay and Argentina. Patton, J. Family Cuniculidae G. Miller and Gidley, Definition of species of pouched four-eyed opossums Didelphidae, Philander. Family Dasyproctidae Bonaparte, Genus Philander Brisson, Mammals of South America. Volume 2, Rodents. Percequillo, A. Genus Sooretamys Weksler, Percequillo, and Voss, Hingst-Zaher, andC. Systematic review of genus Cerradomys Weksler, Percequillo and Voss, Rodentia: Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae: Oryzomyini , with description of two new species from eastern Brazil.

American Museum Novitates Pickles, R. Groombridge, V. Zambrana Rojas, P. Van Damme, D. Gottelli, S. Kundu, and R. Evolutionary history and identification of conservation units in the giant otter Pteronura brasiliensis. Pine, R. Current status of South American Mammalogy.

Podtiaguin, B. Presley, S. Eira barbara. Streblid bat fly assemblage structure on Paraguayan Noctilio leporinus Chiroptera: Noctilionidae : nestedness and species co-occurrence. Journal of Tropical Ecology Sex based population structure of ectoparasites from Neotropical bats. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Intraspecific patterns of ectoparasite abundances on Paraguayan bats: effects of host sex and body size. Higgins , C. Elements of metacommunity structure of Paraguayan bats: multiple gradients require analysis of multiple axes of variation.

Oecologia Queirolo, D. Moreira, L. Soler, L. Emmons, F. Rodrigues, A. Pautasso, J. Cartes, and V. Historical and current range of the near threatened maned wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus in South America. Oryx Rumbo, M. Rumiz D. Estado de la primatologia en Paraguay. Rylands, A.

Garber, P. Estrada, J. Bicca-Marques, E. Heymann, and K. Strier, eds. Coimbra-Filho, R. Chapter 2: The systematics and distributions of the marmosets Callithrix, Callibella, Cebuella , and Mico and callimico Callimico Callitrichidae, Primates. Porter, and L. Davis, eds. Sainz Ollero, H. Salazar-Bravo, J. Genus Calomys Waterhouse, Simmons, N.

Archibald, eds. Smith, P. Assessing the assessment, the relevance of the Paraguayan mammal Red List to the reality of Xenarthra conservation in Edentata Atkinson, H. First records of the southern naked-tailed Armadillo Cabassous unicinctus Linnaeus, Xenarthra: Dasypodidae in Paraguay. The subgenus Micoureus Didelphidae: Marmosa in Paraguay: morphometrics, distributions, and habitat associations. Pheasey, K. Atkinson , J. Ramakers, and J. Owen , H. Ortiz, and A. Historical and recent records of greater grison Galictis vittata in Paraguay, with nomenclatural comments. Small Carnivore Conservation Solari, S.

Paraguay: ecological essays,

A molecular perspective on the diversification of short-tailed opossums Monodelphis: Didelphidae. Spotorno, A. Superfamily Chinchilloidea Bennett, Stallings, J. Notes on the feeding habits of Mazama gouazoubira in the Chaco Boreal of Paraguay. Biotropica Distribution and status of primates in Paraguay. Primate Conservation Notes on the reproductive biology of the grey brocket deer Mazama gouazoubira in Paraguay. The black-tailed marmoset Callithrix argentata melanura recorded from Paraguay.

Stein B. R, andJ. Genus Chironectes Illiger, Stevens, R. Twinning in the big fruit-eating bat Artibeus lituratus Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae from eastern Paraguay. Mammalian Biology Seasonal environments, episodic density compensation and dynamics of structure of chiropteran frugivore guilds in Paraguayan Atlantic forest. Biodiversity and Conservation Geographical ecology of Paraguayan bats: spatial integration and metacommunity structure of interacting assemblages. Journal of Animal Ecology MCCulloch, F. Netto , and M. Myotis levis Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire indeed occurs in Paraguay. Johnson, andE.

Geographic variation of wing morphology of great fruit-eating bats Artibeus lituratus : environmental, genetic and spatial correlates of phenotypic differences. Willig , andI. Gamarra deFox. Comparative community ecology of bats from eastern Paraguay: taxonomic, ecological, and biogeographic perspectives. Sutherland-Smith, M. Campos, C. Cramer, C. Thorstadt, W. Toone, and P. Immobilization of Chacoan peccaries Catagonus wagneri using medetomidine, telazol, and ketamine.

Journal of Wildlife Diseases Taber, A. Editora Litocolor. The status and conservation of the Chacoan peccary in Paraguay. Novaro, N. Neris, and F. The food habits of sympatric jaguar and puma in the Paraguayan Chaco. Doncaster, N. Neris , andF. Ranging behavior and population dynamics of the Chacoan peccary, Catagonus wagneri. Doncaster , N. Ranging behaviour and activity patterns of two sympatric peccaries, Catagonus wagneri and Tayassu tajacu, in the Paraguayan Chaco.

Teta, P. Flores , and N. Diversity and distribution of the mouse opossums of the genus Thylamys Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae in northeastern and central Argentina. Gayana Genus Thaptomys Thomas, Timm, R. Cartes , M. Distribution and ecology of squirrels Rodentia: Sciuridae in Paraguay, with first country records for Sciurus ignitus.

The Southwestern Naturalist Toone, W. The Giant Chacoan Peccary: an outstanding example of adaptation to a subtropical dryland ecosystem. Biodiversity Campos, andM. Release of radio-collared giant Chacoan peccary in Paraguay. Re-introduction News Torres, J. Teta , andN. Nuestras Aves Trigo, T. Schneider, T. Lehugeur, L. Silveira, T. Freitas, andE. Molecular data reveal complex hybridization and a cryptic species of Neotropical wild cat.

Current Biology Freitas, G. Kunzler, L. Cardoso, J. Silva, W. Johnson , S. O'Brien, S. Bonatto, andE. Inter-species hybridization among Neotropical cats of the genus Leopardus, and evidence for an introgressive hybrid zone between L. Velazco, P. Diversification of the yellow-shouldered bats, genus Sturnira Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae , in the New World tropics.

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