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Filter your results by picking games that are popular or niche, and drill down by release date and tags. July 11th, - Absorb every game in the Steam catalog in just seconds.

Micro Trailers are six-second looping videos designed to quickly inform viewers about titles on Steam with a presentation that's easy to skim. This experiment is a fancier version of the Twitter bot of the same name. Every year, we create dozens of experiments around discoverability, video, machine learning, and more. You know who we thought might enjoy seeing them? For the first time, you can try, share, and break them, then share your feedback with the developers who create them. These are works in progress.

Some of them may turn out great.

Featured resources

Others, we may toss out. We hope that most will be improved with your feedback and go on to be a part of Steam. This is the way of Steam Labs. We're always trying new things with Steam, but often only share them with the world when they're ready to be made a part of the platform. Steam Labs allows us to share these ideas earlier and improve them with your feedback before making them official. Like all new Steam features, Steam Labs is itself an experiment, in that it is a work in progress which will only get better with informed iteration.

We hope you'll share your ideas and feedback in the discussions. We look forward to experimenting together. Read the gripping, action potential filled story here. Using the 2-Channel SpikerBox and harmlessly stretching a worm, you can learn the effect of diameter on various cable properties of neurons. In this muscle fatigue lab, you will learn about how to quantify and model how quickly your muscles lose strength!

Grab your 2-Channel Neuron SpikerBox to learn about cable theory and the different speeds of two nerve systems in the worm. There's no such thing as a perfect ground, but some grounds are better than others, depending on what you are studying. What if we fed the neural activity of one cockroach leg into another? Neural Engineering in session. How does the SpikerBox actually amplify spikes?

Check out Science Journal experiments in action

Here we dive into the properties of a wonderful invention: the transistor. How well does your skin and brain interpret touch information? Breakout the measuring tools and blindfold someone to find out.

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Experiments Welcome to the Backyard Brains experiments page for scientists, teachers and amateurs alike. Advanced Neuro-Prosthetics: Take Someone's Free Will Use the same technology in cutting edge neuro-prosthetics to impose your will upon your friends and enemies!

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Control Machines with Your Brain You've seen your muscles' electrical activity, now it is time to harness it! Record Electricity from Your Muscles! Wirelessly Control a Cyborg Cockroach Curious about microstimulation, learning, and neural interfaces?

Chrome Experiments for Virtual Reality

Sensitive Mimosa Electrophysiology With the Plant SpikerBox, learn about Sensitive Mimosas, hydraulic movement, and more details on the fascinating phenomenon of plant spikes. Octopus Fight Club Learn to quantify complex behaviours into simple rules using a video camera and computer analysis.

Mosquito Love Songs You will never see mosquitos the same way again after you learn about their sweet if not annoying love songs, and how they form bonds by performing duets. Heart Action Potentials Hearts have spikes too! Eye Potentials Yes, Eyes generate electrical signals! Enter the mystery of slumber. Enhance certain memories while sleeping Can you learn while you sleep? The Leeuwenhoek Microscope and Optics Theory Learn how to manipulate glass and build a replica of Leeuwenhoek's microscope that brought about the microbiology revolution.

Clock the Inner Workings of the Brain Using the Reaction Timer, and the electrical activity of your muscles, you can study how quickly your brain processes events! The Organization of Life, Multicellularity, and Nervous Systems In this "Big Question" theory writeup, we go over what makes up life, the types of life with nervous systems, and their comparative biology differences.

The P Surprise Signal Your brain notices the unexpected, it's called the P electrical deflection, and here you can measure it. Autonomic Nervous System Learn about your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Making Music with a Muscle Flex a muscle and compose music with our Muscle SpikerShield, the synthesizer of the future. The Auditory Brainstem Response Listen to the clicks and record your auditory nerve response, witnessing your auditory anatomy in all its glorious action.

Hunting for Single Motor Units Enter your Zen of self-control as you try to record a single motor unit in your body. Muscle Recruitment during Chewing Learn about recruitment of motor neurons as you chew on snacky snacks of different hardness. Patellar Reflex and Reaction Learn about the difference between spinal and cerebral circuits as you examine the famous patellar reflex of your friends. Signal Classification Learn about advanced signal analysis to control individual fingers of an external robotic hand with your own hand. Record the Muscle Activity of Clams Learn about the anatomy and neuroscience of a new model for us: the clam.

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EMGs during Muscle Fatigue If you are wondering why your muscles become weaker during intense exercise, this muscle fatigue lab is for you. Sensory and Neural Adaptation By manipulating the barbs on the cockroach leg, you can measure neural adaptation times and gain insight into learning. Make your own Homunculus Visualize how your somatosensory touch cortex sensitivity varies over certain areas of your body.

Debunking the P-value with Statistics Are people faster with their dominant or non dominant hand? Turn your Cell Phone into a Powerful Microscope! In Search of the Spike We have been trying for years to see the neural impulse. Effect of Nerve Stretch on Conduction Velocity Using the 2-Channel SpikerBox and harmlessly stretching a worm, you can learn the effect of diameter on various cable properties of neurons.

Modeling Rates of Fatigue In this muscle fatigue lab, you will learn about how to quantify and model how quickly your muscles lose strength! So two pictures become one. Teaches : Nuclear physics. At least a demonstration of potential energy, kinetic energy, and chain reactions. Teaches: The natural glory of fat, and how arctic animals can survive temperatures that kill everything else.

Each September, the Ig Nobel Prizes a play on the word ignoble are given out to scientists who have wowed the world with their eccentric, imaginative achievements. Roger Mieusset and Bourras Bengoudifa were awarded the anatomy prize for testing the scrotum temperatures in clothed and naked men in various positions. They found that in some postal workers, bus drivers, and other clothed civilians, the left scrotum is warmer than the right, while in some naked civilians, the opposite is true. They suggest that this discrepancy may contribute to asymmetry in the shape and size of male external genitalia.

Shigeru Watanabe and his team nabbed the chemistry prize for tracking the eating and sleeping habits of 15 boys and 15 girls to discover that, regardless of gender, they each produce about milliliters of spit per day. Children have lower salivary flow rates than adults, and they also sleep longer we produce virtually no saliva when we sleep , so it seems like they may generate much less saliva than adults. Ghada A. Papoiu, and their colleagues used cowhage a plant known to make people itchy to induce itches on the forearms, ankles, and backs of 18 participants, whom they then asked to rate both the intensity of the itch and the pleasure derived from scratching it.

Subjects felt ankle and back itches more intensely than those on their forearms, and they also rated ankle and back scratches higher on the pleasure scale. Patricia Yang, David Hu, and their team inflated the intestines of two dead wombats with long balloons to discover that this formation is caused by the elastic quality of the intestinal wall, which stretches at certain angles to form cubes. For solving the mystery, Yang and Hu took home the physics award for the second time—they also won in for testing the theory that all mammals can empty their bladders in about 21 seconds.

Habip Gedik and father-and-son pair Timothy and Andreas Voss earned the economics prize by growing drug-resistant bacteria on the euro, U. The Romanian leu was the only one to yield all three types of bacteria tested— Staphylococcus aureus , Escherichia coli , and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci. The Croatian luna produced none, and the other banknotes each produced one. The results suggest that the Romanian leu was most susceptible to bacteria growth because it was the only banknote in the experiment made from polymers rather than textile-based fibers.