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It’s economical.

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  3. Big Small Plates

Smaller portions add a new twist to eating at restaurants that appeals to many different consumers.

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Cost Effective: Restaurant owners and managers will also notice a decrease in food costs with small plates. Less over portioning means less money waste and a higher profit margin per entree than entrees plated without proper portioning.

The Big Impact of Small Plates - National Checking

In the restaurant industry, food basically equals money so when you waste food, you waste money. According to previous research, the trick should work: in a study , scientists asked participants to serve themselves soup into bowls of different sizes. People using larger bowls poured more soup than those with smaller bowls, a difference that the researchers attributed to the Delboeuf effect.

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The results from this experiment and similar others have started to have everyday repercussions: in the last few years, restaurants have begun to serve meals on smaller tableware , aiming to take advantage of this illusion. Now, a new paper by psychologists Noa Zitron-Emanuel and Tzvi Ganel, of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, indicates that there may be more—or maybe less—than meets the eye in the Delboeuf illusion… when food is concerned.

Small Plates, Big City: Top Tapas Bars in Valencia

Prior work had suggested that this should be the case, given the known effects of other motivational factors on perception for instance, poor children see coins as larger in size than wealthy children do. Zitron-Emanuel and Ganel presented examples of the Delboeuf illusion to two groups of experimental participants.

One group was mildly food-deprived, after abstaining from eating for 3 hours prior to the experiment. The other group was asked to eat during the hour before the experiment, and was therefore not deprived.

Big Small Plates

The Delboeuf illusion images included food items pizzas on trays and non-food items black circles inside white circles, and hubcaps within tires. The results showed that the two groups were equally susceptible to the Delboeuf effect as related to non-food items. Dinner becomes more of a shared experience than just a meal. Diners are trying new flavors, sharing the experience together and having a fun night. Kitchens can deliver the food as they are ready, as opposed to the kitchen timing the dishes to be ready all at once.

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This gets food to the tables quickly and guests are happy faster. When the food comes out quickly, and guests can continue to order additional items, the meal tends to have a lively pace, which results in a higher turnover of tables, but without the diners feeling rushed.

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